★ ing, 20, she/her, aroace
★ latina
★ sag ☉, gemini ☾, cancer ⥣
★ siegfried loml
★ making edits for fun
★ carrd designed by xing!

before you follow!

★ multi-fandom & rt heavy
★ selective follow-back
★ curse a lot in my tweet
★ am very affectionate with my friends
★ i mute and sb freely
★ please softblock if breaking mutual

don't follow if...

★ standard criteria (racist, homophobic, ableist, etc.)
★ don't believe aros/aces are lgbtq
★ support pedophilia & incest
★ ship real people
★ often post/rt nsfw
★ starting/involved in drama

interests & favorites.

games: cookie run kingdom, genshin impact, granblue fantasy, mahoyaku, twisted wonderland

animanga: akame ga kill, asobi asobase, dororo, howl's moving castle, inuyasha, kimetsu no yaiba, jujutsu kaisen, sk8 the infinity, special a class, this love is strawberry sweet, zombieland saga, and more

other: all saints street, bts, editing, queen bee, webtoon, yeastken, yosei teikoku

genshin impact: amber, thoma, cyno, zhongli

granblue fantasy: siegfried, shao, alexiel, walder, lily, nezahualpilli, metera, and more

mahoyaku: oz, heathcliff, arthur,

twisted wonderland: malleus, crewel, crowley, rook, jack, duece

    days since siegfried came home <3